Toyota Philosophy

Toyota philosophy

As Toyota team members, we would like to offer you the best vehicle ownership experience.

Toyota philosophy is closely related to Japanese culture, mindset and a unique sense of beauty and hospitality.

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Omotenashi (Always looking after each other).

You, our customer, are very important to us. Your preferences and your personality are always taken into account

Ichi Go Ichi E (One chance, One lifetime Meeting).

The moment of our meeting is unique and we are doing our utmost to make it unforgettable

Kaizen (Continuous improvement)is a well-known Japanese word in Toyota business world, meaning that we should improve our business operations continuously, always striving for innovation and revolution in our methods.

Sakichi Toyoda the founder of Toyota brand and his son Kiichiro Toyoda lived their life with a challenge spirit, exploring and trying new things and made them better and better. It’s a perfect model of courage and altruism and they pass it through generations.

Nowadays, we, Toyota Marill, become a part of the most successful and respected car company in Djibouti and Somalia.