The Fortuner is also one of Toyota’s versatile vehicles, as suited in town than off road. Smaller than the Prado or the Station Wagon, it is easier to fit in a crowded place. It is built to deliver excellent driving performance both on and off road. Its off-road capabilities are based on a refined chassis frame, full-time 4WD system and good ground clearance to tackle rough terrain.

Open, bright and spacious, the flowing lines and sports-style front seats smoothly integrate a feeling of active control, individual comfort and refined luxury.

Fortuner interior

The roomy cabin is a multi-functional space that can be quickly rearranged to accommodate changing combinations of people and gear. Three rows of seats allow transporting up to seven adults comfortably. The second and third row seats can be quickly folded and stored away to create a large luggage space with room for big or long loads. Slide and recline adjustments and a lifter on the sports-style driver’s seat enable the driver to tailor a position of comfortable control.

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