Hilux D cab

Many consider the Hilux as the forerunner of a new generation of pick up: large, strong and stylish. Its dynamic look, large cargo and powerful engine make him the perfect all-rounder. Whether the simple or double cabin, it will be rugged and hard-working, its advanced capabilities and features making sure you get the job done. The dynamic power and stylish comfort of the Hilux are available in a range of models to fit every purpose.

The single cabin is more focused on hard work providing the largest cargo deck in its class though only available as a 3 seater arrangement. Built for tough jobs, the large capacity load provides a lot of utility allowing work to be done quicker.

The double cabin version of Hilux provides more versatility to the vehicle, managing to merge utility vehicle and transport with its 6 seater option. The size of the vehicle is his strength. Largest pick up of the category, the cargo space is sufficient for good work efficiency while the interior design is focused on comfort and spaciousness, in a luxurious style. It provides the perfect blend between transport vehicle and pickup truck.

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