Located in the middle  of one of the busiest shipping routes in the world, Djibouti is linking Europe, the Far East, Africa and the Arabian Gulf.

Djibouti is also the natural gateway to landlocked countries such as Ethiopia and South Sudan

Logistic is one of the strengths of the Toyota Marill.

Working with world-class partners, the Group has two storage spaces respectively 20 000 square meters Logistics Centre and 18 000 square metres in a Free zone as well as a hangar 3 780 square meters. Implementing all logistical means, air, sea or road, the Group delivers your goods door to door in Eastern Africa and particularly on the whole territory of Somalia.

It also benefits from the power of its own insurance to secure your shipments. With a complete net, Toyota Marill and its subsidiaries, especially GAMS in Somalia, insures freight logistics in the best condition trough its excellent group synergy, its free zone area in Djibouti, its Hub in Dubai, while insuring your goods.

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