Our Toyota service customers can enjoy the speed of quality service, value for money and attention to detail that has been our tradition for long.
With our state of the art workshop and reliable Toyota trained technicians, we will service your car promptly.
​Call (253) 21 32 94 16 to book your vehicle for service (only for Djibouti)
The only maintenance plan backed and approved by Toyota is the Toyota Maintenance Plan. It is designed to offer true fixed-cost motoring by covering all scheduled maintenance and fair wear and tear items.

Our maintenance plan includes:

  • « A » Service (every 5.000 kms) 
  • « B » Service (every 10.000 kms)
  • « C » Service (every 20.000 kms)
  • « D » Service (every 40.000 kms)

​Please remind that regular and professional maintenance ensures the safety of your drive and extends considerably the life of your car.


Thanks to our modern installations and high tech equipment customers can enjoy the speed of quality service and attention to detail which have been our tradition for long.
Our garage:

  • Able to operate on any type of vehicle.

  • The infrastructure is equipped with technical means and materials necessary for the repair and maintenance of your vehicle: 8 lifts, diagnostics packs from manufacturers , a wheel alignment machin etc

  • Our teams are composed of technicians and engineers who followed trainings certified by the manufacturers.

Body & paint workshop:

  • With an experienced team and good equipment, the body & paint workshop is there for all your needs.